We have grown up in this splendid rural environment that, ever since we were children, has always stimulated us to participate in everything that takes place on our farm. Now that we are adults we still love this place and this work that we have inherited from our parents, continuing with the same passion and devotion. Our aim is the production of wines of high quality that transmit to the people who taste them the scents and the aromas of our territory and our traditions.

La Travaglina

Our winery started production in the 1960's and bears the same name as the farm it is situated on. We are located on the hills of Santa Giuletta, heart of the well-known Oltrepò Pavese region, area of great wine tradition, particularly famous for the sparkling Bonarda and Spumante (classic method) wines of excellent quality. The 33 hectare one-piece property of vineyards extend all around the old farmhouse where in full autonomy we carry out the all activities of grape pressing, vinification and bottling.


The grass you see in our vineyards, that appear in the photographs, are not a sign of negligence and disarray, but that of a conscious choice to respect the environment, the territory, our products and our Clients. Our farming policy is aimed at obtaining a sustainable environment, by abolishing weed killers, by reducing vineyard ploughing that is cause of erosion, by reducing fertilizer and phytosanitary treatments. We have also decided to maintain our oldest vineyards that guarantee a small production but a high quality, and that new vineyards must have a high density of stumps per hectare, so as to minimize the production of each vine with a consequent higher grape quality. By starting off from very high quality grapes you simplify cellar work and enhance wine quality.



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white wines

oltrepò pavese doc riesling rugiadé

This wine is typical of Oltrepò Pavese and is produced from a single-variety of grape, the Riesling. It has a straw-yellow colour with greenish tinge, a fruity aroma and a persistent, fresh...

Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Grigio Cà del Tuono

From Pinot Grigio grapes, harvested in our vineyards. It has a straw-yellow colour and an intense, assertive and fruity aroma. The palate is lively, elegant, aromatic and persistent....

Oltrepò Pavese DOC Cortese Vigna Delle Rocche

This wine is produced from a single-variety of Cortese grape. A long ageing in small wood barrels helps keeping all the aromas and flavours of this grape in the glass. It has a yellow almost...

Oltrepò Pavese DOC Pinot Nero Sparkling

This wine is produced by soft pressing Pinot Nero grapes. It has a straw colour, an intense, assertive and fruity aroma. The palate is lively, elegant, persistent with a slightly bitter afte...

red wines

Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC Sparkling Zavola

It’s the best selection of our semi-sparkling Bonarda, the typical wine of our region; produced from selected Croatina grapes, it’s a lovable and very drinkable wine with an intense ruby red colou...

bonarda dell’oltrepò pavese doc sparkling

Bonarda is the typical wine of Oltrepò Pavese and it is produced from the Croatina grape, a native vine of the region. This wine is very drinkable and has an intense colour with purple tinges and a f...

Bonarda dell’oltrepò pavese doc psei

“Psei” is the name of our oldest vineyard, where the grapes used to produce this wine are grown. The colours, aromas and flavour of this high quality grape can be found in the wine. This Bonarda a...


This intriguing and warm wine owes its delicacy, elegance and fruity and typical aromas to the fermentation of slightly overripe grapes derived from selected clones, to the low-yield per plant and to ...

Oltrepò Pavese DOC Barbera GUTé

This Barbera is produced from the best grapes, harvested in the oldest vineyards. Our task is \\\\\\\"simply\\\\\\\" to protect the vineyards and the grapes and to preserve the rich colour, aromas and...

oltrepò pavese doc barbera

The ageing in stainless steel tank and in concrete tank enhances all the characters arising from the Barbera vine; it has a bright reddish-purple colour and a subtle and intense aroma. The palate is w...

Oltrepò Pavese DOC Rosso Riserva Trelune

In order to get the best out of our finest grapes, we resorted to an artisanal technique of winemaking, mainly using small wooden vats. As a result, this reserve makes us feel proud of our efforts. Of...

wines without sulfites


Barbera wine, obtained by working without added sulphites very healthy grapes of our vineyard. It is fresh, fruited but full-bodied; this wine preserves and enhances all the characters arising from th...


O.P. METODO CLASSICO docg rosÉ millesimato

It’s produced only in great vintage years. The authenticity of this Pinot Noir Classic Method is enhanced by the long aging on the lees, liquor less disgorgement and low residual sugar.\r\nElegance ...


Julillae is named after the old Latin village it comes from. With its subtle colour, its delicate but persistent perlage and nose-palate symmetry, this wine cheer up any occasion....

Oltrepò Pavese DOC Pinot Nero Spumante AMARILLIS

Produced from a single-variety of grape, the Pinot Noir, it’s a wine which enhances the vine features: a various and fruity nose and a fresh and immediate palate....

Pinot Nero Metodo Classico Martinburgo

To make our Martinburgo, we use a small percentage of Chardonnay grapes to mitigate the natural austerity of Pinot Noir, whose distinctive structure and elegance remain unaltered. The perfect balance ...

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